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Looking For a New Dentist in Columbia, SC?

You’ll find a lot to love about Marc Berger Choice Dentistry, from convenience in location to the wide range of in-house services we provide. If you’re currently looking for a new dentist in Columbia, SC, we invite you to schedule a new patient appointment in our facility by calling 803-888-2012. Unlike other dentists throughout the community, you won’t experience a 3 month wait time to be seen in our practice. We welcome new patients at Marc Berger Choice Dentistry, and we respect your time, so we’ll never overbook during your visit. In fact, we’ll do everything possible to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire visit.

If you’re feeling a bit anxious about being seen by a dentist, ask about sedation when you make your appointment or when you come in. Most of our patients require more than just anesthetics during dental treatment, which is why we offer two options in sedation: nitrous oxide as inhalation sedation, and oral sedation in the form of a pill. You’ll not only feel much more relaxed and comfortable when you opt for sedation during dental care, our dentist will be able to provide better dental treatment. Click our ‘Services’ link and select ‘Sedation’ from the menu to find out more about sedation.

Unlike other practices in the area, Dr. Berger is the only dentist in Columbia, SC who offers in-house full mouth reconstruction for patients that need rebuilding and replacing of most or all their teeth. While most other dental providers are content in referring their patients to a third-party dental facility, we believe it’s in the patient’s best interest to be treated by the same dentist they have developed a patient-doctor relationship with. We combine aesthetics and restorative dentistry to create the beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of. Feel free to schedule a consultation with our staff to discuss reconstruction dentistry.

We perform all of our root canal treatments in-house as well. If you’ve been referred to a dentist for a root canal, consider making Marc Berger Choice Dentistry your new family dentist. We can often save a damaged, infected or decayed tooth with root canal treatment while relieving the accompanying pain for patients. We can offer several options for a crown as a natural-looking restoration.

At Marc Berger Choice Dentistry, we use the latest in cutting-edge technology to bring our patients the best possible dental care and painless dental treatments. Walk-ins are welcome in our dental clinic as we make time in our daily schedule to treat emergency and urgent-need patients. We’ll do our very best to accommodate your busy lifestyle and schedule through morning, afternoon and evening appointment times. Call our office at 803-888-2012 to see why Dr. Berger is known as the most caring dentist in Columbia, SC. Give us the chance to demonstrate our desire to provide exceptional dental care to every member of your family.

Dentist Columbia Sc
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