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Why Choose Marc Berger Choice Dentistry For Dentures in Columbia, SC:

Dentures are one of the most affordable ways to restore your smile while replacing missing teeth. If you’re currently looking into your options for a smile makeover, you’ll find that dentures are among the most cost-effective solutions available today. At Marc Berger Choice Dentistry, we are proud to offer full service denture options to our patients, including complete and partial dentures. We also provide the option of immediate dentures for patients who don’t want to wait weeks for their dentures to be crafted, delivered and fitted.

Dentures are not the only option available as a means of replacing missing teeth. We offer more permanent solutions for patients, including dental implants, which are more durable and have the ability to last a lifetime when taken proper care of. Feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Berger to discuss available options. Our staff will help you make an informed decision based on your needs and your budget.

If you’ve recently had teeth removed, you may consider dentures as a temporary solution while you heal from the extractions and see how dentures feel to you. For many patients, dentures are the perfect solution, and one they are happy to continue with for the rest of their lives. For other patients who want to experience a more durable, natural-looking replacement for teeth, dental implants are a consideration. The location of the missing teeth may play a factor in which option you choose as a permanent solution. See our highly skilled staff at Marc Berger Choice Dentistry about dentures in Columbia, SC.

Dentures can preserve the appearance of your face, eliminating the signature ‘sunken’ look that can come from having teeth removed without replacing them with a prosthetic. Dentures will give your cheeks and face more shape and definition, so you can retain the youthful appearance from before the loss of teeth. You’re going to love the way dentures make you look and feel!

Today’s dentures are a superior product to those from even a decade ago. You may have friends or family members who talk about having a ‘poor fit’ regarding their dentures, or are unable to eat certain foods. Working closely with a dentist who is experienced with dentures in Columbia, SC, you can get a great fit with your dentures. The key is in coming back for subsequent visits to have your dentures micro-fitted to make adjustments as they settle and fit to your mouth. When you commit to post-denture appointments, you’ll be satisfied with the results you’ll get with dentures.

Call our office at 803-888-2012 to schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Berger and our staff to discuss options in replacing missing teeth. If you determine dentures to be the best option, Dr. Berger will address all of your questions and concerns and get you set up with an appointment to have your new dentures crafted.

Dentures Columbia Sc
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