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Explore the Benefits of Seeing a Sedation Dentist in Columbia, SC:

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you have some level of fear or anxiety when it comes to seeing a dentist. While some call this a phobia, it’s not, really. A phobia is an unnatural fear- being anxious about experiencing pain during a dental procedure is anything but unnatural. Thanks to sedation dentistry, it’s easy to sit comfortably through any dental procedure without the fear of experiencing pain.

At Marc Berger Choice Dentistry, we are pleased to offer our patients the option of sedation. Give our sedation dentist in Columbia, SC a call at 803-888-2012 prior to your visit to discuss options in nitrous oxide and oral sedation or arrive a bit early for your first visit to request sedation. We want to make certain our patients are relaxed and comfortable for a more positive dental experience.

For some patients, it’s not so much a matter of fear or anxiousness regarding treatment, but more that the patient has a sensitive gag reflex that keeps them from getting the most out of their visit. If you experience the urge to choke or ‘gag’ while having dental work performed, a mild sedative like nitrous oxide can help tremendously- you may even doze while the dentist is completing work.

It surprises a lot of patients to learn that today’s dentistry is painless, simply through the use of local anesthetics. For these patients, their fear comes from reliving past traumatic experiences that were painful. A combination of a mild sedative and anesthesia can calm those fears and often leads to subsequent visits without the use of sedation.

If the sights, sounds, smells, and emotions that stir from being in a dentist office are all that is needed to raise your blood pressure and create feelings of anxiousness, sedation can help to dull the triggering stimuli and help you relax and undergo treatment. Let your dentist know about your situation and you may be able to have multiple treatments performed at once while you are sedated. You may be able to reduce the overall costs of dental care by coming in for fewer visits and having more work performed at once.

If you would prefer not to remember what happened during treatment, you may want to opt for an oral sedative that often produces an amnesic state. If you’ve been avoiding dental treatment due to a previous traumatic dental experience, ask us about oral sedatives when you schedule your next appointment. Oral sedation is a great way to overcome your fears without having to relive the experience over and over.

Not every sedation dentist in Columbia, SC offers the range of treatment options you’ll find at Marc Berger Choice Dentistry. We’re proud to offer our patients a wide range of services that include routine cleanings and checkups, family dental care, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and emergency dental care, all under one roof without the need to refer our patients to a third-party facility. Call us to schedule a new patient appointment or visit us online to learn more about our services.

Sedation Dentist Columbia Sc
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